Maximize sales with the best advertising tech for Amazon

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Grow marketshare, save time, and control for advertising efficiency with Teikametrics Flywheel - the leader in algorithmic optimization.

Leading brands deploy the power of algorithmic bidding

Best-in-class automation

Top DTC brands understand algorithmic keyword bidding is essential to saving time & capturing every profitable sale at every hour of the day. Teikametrics ensures you're paying the lowest price for every click you buy.







Sets your bids to the perfect price of a click to ensure full control of profitability

Hourly bid changes to keep you competitive, day and night

Changing your product price? Our algorithm will automatically update bids to stay in line with your margin

Move the needle on Amazon

Drive consistent incremental sales to your listings

Watch as your organic business grows due to the increased reviews, sales rank, and visibility from your advertising. Ensure that your organic sales aren’t being eaten into by your advertising spend.

Track your advertising to total sales performance through our TACoS metric

Analyze which products are growing your business and which ones are holding you back

Our outcome first approach drives results

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using Teikametrics

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Algorithmic bidding optimization

Product-level Profitability


Expert Amazon Analysts

Our machine learning-driven optimization keeps you continuously competitive and profitable, every hour of every day you're advertising.

Visualize every aspect of your cost of making a sale on Amazon, from FBA fees to ad costs - allowing you to make decisions based on bottom-line profitability.

Quickly and efficiently identify and advertise against promising search terms, while pausing the ones that are negatively impacting your bottom line.

We understand the complexities of winning on Amazon. Our team will work with you to ensure your campaigns always meet your business' needs, at scale.

Grow beyond expectations with our combination of technology and expertise

Expert Analysts


Our experts identify competition, market trends (holidays, Prime Day, and seasonality), and keyword relevancy to always optimize for the market opportunity.

Our best-in-class technology helps automate tasks like campaign, keyword, and bid adjustments, at the scale needed to keep up with Amazon's ever-changing market.

Online Marketplace Optimization Tools

The best customer experience

G2’s Online Marketplace Optimization Tools Grid positions services based on two important factors: market presence, and overall customer satisfaction. Teikametrics optimization software is the clear leader, reflecting our promise to always place customer satisfaction first.

Highest customer satisfaction score on G2Crowd Grid

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Features that scale with the size of your business

Optimization for all Amazon ad types

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Segment your keywords for maximum efficiency

Make sure you’re spending efficiently on brand, competitor, and generic keywords. Defend market share or conquest new customers at the right price, every time.

Create strategies by product objective and inventory levels

Use your product objectives and inventory levels as a lever. We allow for granular segmentation to ensure you are capturing maximum profit.

Custom reporting for every goal, budget, & season

Our level of transparency with performance is our differentiator. We’ll always keep you in the loop on where you’re winning and where there’s opportunity for improvement.

From entrepreneur to enterprise

Technology or humans on their own are not enough. You need the scale of algorithmic data science with the experience of real ecommerce analysts. 

Teikametrics' Retail Optimization Platform (ROP) ensures every advertising dollar spent goes to what matters most: growing your business.

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Online Marketplace Optimization Tools

Optimization for all Amazon ad types

Maximize sales with the best advertising tech for Amazon

Grow marketshare, save time, and control for advertising efficiency with Teikametrics Flywheel - the leader in algorithmic optimization.

Read what Andrew is saying about us

Read what Andrew is saying about us

"I appreciate that they value us beyond the monthly contract. In a world where good customer service and relationships in the long game seem to be a thing of the past, they are standing out above the rest."

Andrew M, Marknology Owner

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